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Our facials take an in-depth look at your skin's function to help restore and maintain circulation, remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, hydrate, and stimulate collagen and elastin. 

Signature Functional Facial


60-minute facial customized to restore and maintain your skin's functionality.

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Mini Functional Facial


30-minute facial customized to restore and maintain your skin's functionality while maximizing your time

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  • Light Therapy

    Uses light to improve skin health and appearance. 

    Improves skin tone, texture, stimulates collagen, reduces inflammation, enhances hydration, improves acne. 

  • High frequency

    Uses electrical currents to improve circulation, enhance skin healing, improves skin hydration, increases collagen production and helps with product absorption.

  • Cryo

    Cold therapy to reduce inflammation, decrease pore size and improve texture.

  • Oxygen infusion

    Pressurized oxygen is used to infuse oxygen and nutrients into the skin. It improves hydration, enhances skin texture, improves circulation, and stimulates collagen.