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Rose Quartz Roller

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Calm, Hydrated, Firm, and Radiant Skin.

Feel refreshed, balanced and radiant by improving circulation, lymphatic drainage and removing aging toxin build up. This soothing facial roller is made of authentic Rose Quartz stone.  Rose Quartz has been used throughout history as the gemstone of self love, empathy, and compassion. Rolling this gem stone of love will help alleviate inflammation and redness, resulting in a calm and even complexion. 

Functional Beauty Pro Tips

Keeping this roller in the fridge will have an additional cooling benefit which will further calm and soothe the skin.  

5-10 minutes a day with your roller will help you meditate, relax, and focus on your well being, which significantly reduces the negative effects of stress on skin.

Pairs Well With

Daily Nutrition Oil

How to use

How To Clean Roller

Gently clean with mild soap and warm water as needed.  Store in a clean, cool place. To get extra energy out of your crystals, we recommend placing in the sun for a few hours after you clean it.  

The Amethyst used to make our roller are ethically sourced from Uruguay, and hand selected by our team of skincare professionals to ensure you are receiving only the highest quality stone.  Due to the natural variations in stone, the roller you receive will be unique to you.  Our stones are never dyed, and you will see the beautiful, natural transparency and marbling that is characteristic of a high-quality natural amethyst.  

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