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About IPL

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a noninvasive solution to improving your fabulous skin tone, kicking irregularities to the curb, and rocking a more youthful vibe. This treatment is particularly effective for reducing the hyperpigmentation caused by increased sun exposure over time.

IPL works to transform the appearance of:

1. Age spots or liver spots (the red/brown troublemakers)

2. Broken capillaries

3. Vascular lesions, like facial telangiectasias (spider veins) and poikiloderma

4. Rosacea (see ya, redness!)

5. Freckles

6. Sun damage

How IPL Works

An IPL photofacial utilizes high-intensity pulses of broad-spectrum light to target and treat various skin concerns. The wavelengths of light used in IPL penetrate the skin, targeting pigment and blood vessels while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

IPL isn't picky about where it works its wonders. From your face to your toes (and all the sunny spots in between), it can be used on all areas of the body. Common treatment areas include the face, neck, décolletage, legs, hands, and arms.

At Functional Beauty, our Lumecca IPL device stands out as the most powerful IPL therapy designed to address pigmented and vascular lesions. With just one treatment, patients notice significant enhancements in skin complexion and clarity. Operating on the principle of photothermolysis, Lumecca IPL delivers a comfortable light treatment for a comprehensive photofacial experience.

What to Expect

Consultation: Your journey begins with a consultation where your provider will listen to your concerns, assess your unique skin type, and determine if you are a candidate. IPL is most suitable for patients with lighter or fair skin (skin types I-IV). 

Prep: We recommend avoiding direct sun exposure and active skincare products for a few weeks before the treatment to enhance its effectiveness and minimize the risk of side effects.

At your appointment, your skin is cleansed and an ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area to enhance light penetration and ensure a comfortable experience. Next, you’ll get to put on protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the intense light during the procedure.

IPL Pulses: The IPL device is then applied to the skin, delivering controlled pulses of broad-spectrum light. You may feel a mild snapping or warming sensation during the procedure.

Duration: The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the treated area and the specific concerns being addressed. Sessions typically last around 20 to 30 minutes.

Aftercare: Redness and a slight warming of the skin are normal after treatment and usually subside within a few hours. Avoid direct sunlight for a few days and wear a hat and SPF when outdoors.

Results: Over the next 24-48 hours you may see a darkening of pigmented spots; in the week afterwards the pigmented lesions flake off, leading to an evening out of skin tone. After treating vascular lesions you may see the vein blanch and disappear or a color change in the vessel which dissipates after a few days. Most visible results are after 1-2 weeks.

Multiple Sessions: While an improved skin appearance can be seen after the first session, we usually recommend 3-5 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results.

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