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EltaMD Moisture Seal

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Hydrating, Protective, Moisturizing

Experience the ultimate hydration with EltaMD Moisture Seal, a luxurious occlusive moisturizer that instantly melts upon contact, ensuring your skin remains moisturized for a full 24 hours. This advanced formula effortlessly spreads, creating a protective barrier that deeply nourishes and calms dry, flaky, and healthy skin post-procedures.

Crafted specifically for delicate skin following cosmetic or medical treatments, this waterless, preservative-free formulation delivers intense, long-lasting hydration. Ideal for those with dehydrated or post-procedure skin, EltaMD Moisture Seal is your go-to solution for maintaining a beautifully hydrated complexion.

Key Benefits:

- Deeply absorbs to provide continuous hydration

- Soothes and revitalizes dry and flaky skin

- Designed for delicate skin, perfect for post-procedure care

Ingredient Insights:

Petrolatum: Adds in moisture retention


Petrolatum, Paraffin

How to use

  • EltaMD Moisture Seal is very concentrated, begin with no more than a pea-size amount on your fingertip.
  • For best results, apply daily to clean, moist skin.
  • Apply a thin coat over the skin and allow to absorb into the skin layers. After two minutes, gently pat off excess.

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